Brite Logistics runs a special Referral Program!



The program is active and ongoing. This program applies to the cases when a person both internal and external to the Brite Logistics company.

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What’s the deal?

Brite Referral Bonus Program is applicable for Company Drivers positions & Owner-Operators, where anyone can refer a Driver and will get awarded for it!

The Bonus payment becomes due if all the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The Referrer is to get a referral bonus (see below table) when the Referred Driver (Company Driver and/or Owner-Operator) has passed successfully all recruitment stages including the Hire Orientation session.
  • The Referrer gets his/her first part of the bonus only when the Referred Driver has been working 4 (four) calendar weeks with Brite Logistics, Inc.
  • The second part of the bonus is given when the Referred Driver has been working for the next 4 (four) calendar weeks.
  • The Referred Driver is considered an employee of Brite Logistics as soon as the Driver gets the first load and is ready to go. Therefore, from this moment it is necessary to consider a month of work.

How much is the Bonus?

Occupation Brite Referral Bonus Program 
OTR SOLO Bonus – $1000
TEAM DRIVERS Bonus – $1000
OWNER-OPERATOR Bonus – $1000

You can see more details about our open positions on this page.

Important Notes

Additional rules for rewards:

  • There is no cap on the number of referrals you can make. All rewards will be paid as per mentioned above.
  • Referrers are not eligible for rewards if the Referred Driver is hired (re-hired) at a later time or gets hired for another position.
  • Referrers are not eligible for rewards if the Referred Driver does not complete a full working period of 4 (four) calendar weeks.

This program will be monitored and recorded, and then validated by the VP Operations/ RD Manager/ HR Manager.

Have more questions?

Dear Referrers, if you have any additional questions left, feel free to reach out our Recruitment Department for details.